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If Innocent Children Die”: PM Modi To Putin On Ukraine War!

For the first time in the past two years, PM Modi and President Vladimir Putin had a bilateral meeting.

With his first bilateral meeting with President Vladimir Putin in two years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Russia reached what is perhaps its most significant point on Tuesday. Additionally, this is the first gathering of this kind since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022.

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After acknowledging the strong relationship between the two nations and Russia’s role in preventing suffering for common Indians, Prime Minister Modi confronted the Russian president, saying, “If innocent children are murdered; if innocent children die, it is heart-wrenching.” The remarks were made the day after a string of attacks by Russia damaged a children’s hospital in Kyiv.

Stating that the two leaders had listened to each other’s views on Ukraine on Saturday, the Prime Minister said he had placed the Global South’s expectation on peace and stability before Mr Putin and reiterated that “no solution is possible on the battlefield”. This is the same message that the PM was reported to have given the Russian President during their private dinner the previous evening.”I assure you and the world community that India is on the side of peace,” the prime minister said, highlighting that his country was prepared to work with others in any way that would help bring about peace. I’m feeling hopeful after listening to you yesterday. Peace is necessary if future generations are to enjoy a happy future. Between bombs, weapons, and bullets, peace negotiations are ineffective.”

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‘Our Cooperation Helped World’

Economic cooperation between the two countries, especially in the areas of energy, trade, manufacturing, and fertilisers, was also a key item on the agenda for the meeting.

Despite criticism from the West, India has become a major buyer of Russian oil and this has benefited both countries because it also provided a much-needed export market for Moscow after several countries in Europe decided not to make oil purchases from it because of the Ukraine invasion.

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This mutually beneficial trade featured in PM Modi’s opening remarks to Mr Putin during the meeting.

Expressing confidence that India-Russia ties will strengthen further, the Prime Minister, who is on his first bilateral visit in his third term, said cooperation between the two countries in the energy sector helped the world as well.

“We could insulate common citizens in India from difficulties in terms of availability of fuel because of your cooperation,” he told Mr Putin.

At a time when India has seen a string of terror attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, PM Modi told Mr Putin that the country has faced the challenge of terrorism for around 40 years. “I condemn all forms of terrorism,” he said.

In the midst of a spate of terror assaults in Jammu and Kashmir, Prime Minister Modi informed Mr. Putin that India had been dealing with the threat of terrorism for around 40 years. “I condemn all forms of terrorism,” he stated.

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